Frontend-only live semantic search with transformers.js. GitHub

Semantic search right in your browser! Calculates the embeddings and cosine similarity client-side without server-side inferencing.
Intro blog post, building on two former ones [1], [2] about vector search. See other fast (pre-index) examples: IPCC Report 2023 (85 pages), IPCC Summary 2023 (35 pages).
For a more refined search, enter a low character count; for a coarser search, enter a high one. Simply copy and paste any text and hit Find.


Summary (experimental)

Summarizes the top results in 1-2 min. Works best with non-fictional texts and longer text chunks (>200 chars).
Attention: Loads the large distilbart-cnn-6-6 model with 335Mb trained on newspaper articles.